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Jennie Burger

Jennie Burger

Partner, Head of Research

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Jennie is a highly respected and sought after market research & marketing leader. She has spearheaded innovative, challenging, and mission-critical initiatives throughout her career.

Jennie led and executed global quantitative research studies, developed innovative research methodologies, and designed organization-wide research strategies. Additionally, she has trained and mentored more than a hundred professionals on research best practices. Prior to founding Honeycomb Collaborative, Jennie was the Director of Market Research for the iLaw division of BARBRI.

Jennie also has a long and successful track record developing marketing plans and messaging for new products and audience segments under high-pressure market conditions. At Pearson, Jennie led marketing for a critical digital platform launch as well as for a $35M educational product line whose revenue grew more than 50% in two years.

Jennie has a B.A. with Honors from Stanford University.

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