Who We Are

Why Honeycomb Collaborative?

Honeycomb Collaborative can help you overcome shrinking budgets, diminishing resources and revenue pressures by quickly learning your market, understanding your vision, and delivering high-quality results. Honeycomb is your total solution for customer research, product marketing, and design. 

The Partners

Jennie Burger

Partner, Head of Research

Jennie is a highly respected and sought after market research & marketing leader. She has spearheaded innovative, challenging, and mission-critical initiatives throughout her career. Jennie led and executed global quantitative research studies…

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Kris Ellis-Levy

Partner, Head of Product Marketing

Kris has deep expertise in applying the insights from market research to both creating growth driving products and bringing them to market. At Pearson Education she was the primary strategist for an $18M line of SaaS educational products…

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Tara Pastina

Partner, Head of Design & Web Development

Tara has extensive experience as a creative director / graphic designer / front end developer. Prior to founding Honeycomb Collaborative, Tara served as creative lead for Pearson Education’s global corporate marketing and creative services function…

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In nature, the structure of a honeycomb provides strength and efficiency by reducing gaps and making connections that benefit the whole hive. Much like a honeycomb, we take a collaborative and holistic approach to your projects.

Some of our recent clients include