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Perusall : Every student prepared for every class

Time to change the nature of learning.

Perusall aims to change the nature of learning — from the traditional solitary experience to an engaging and collective one that encourages all students to complete their assignments, come to class prepared, and be motivated to do so because they care about the content. Developed at Harvard University after an extensive 4-year research study, Perusall was established in 2015 with the goal of advancing behavioral science and AI in the service of improving education for students, educators, researchers, and society at large.


Building a marketing and creative function that drives growth.

As many start ups do, the Perusall founders had developed their own marketing website and brand identity. As their product began to gain traction, however, they recognized that continued growth required designated Marketing and Creative functions. By extension, they also needed to establish benchmarks against which they could measure the performance of  their new marketing efforts, and to refine their existing brand identity. In conjunction with their newly established Director of Marketing, Honeycomb Collaborative was hired to meet these challenges.


Creating a  more meaningful and valuable user experience

The goal of this project was to work alongside Perusall’s Director of Marketing to update the brand voice through a newly designed aesthetic for their marketing site. Additionally, we were tasked with revising the user experience to better reflect the user journey and enable educators and administrators to find key product information needed to  quickly move them through the funnel. Most importantly, the site needed to compel potential customers to contact Perusall and be a vehicle by which they could generate leads.

Visual Brand Identity & Website development

The client opted to keep their existing logo mark, however we revamped the color palette and devised a type system to create consistency in their visual identity.

In collaboration with Perusall, we revamped the user experience of their marketing website to better reflect how potential customers would move through the site and then then applied the new aesthetic and type system to a new user interface design. The new system enables visitors to the site to quickly scan for information most important to them during the consideration phase.

Knowing that the platform would be of most interest to instructors, we created a space on the site specifically for them and included all of the information they might need before adopting Perusall for their classroom. We integrated numerous opportunities throughout the site so that  educators could easily “request more information”, “try a demonstration” or “create a course”. Accessibility is a key consideration for this audience. As such, the user interface was designed with accessibility in mind. Color combinations were carefully thought out and tested to meet the needs of those with visual impairments and the type hierarchy was applied in a way that those using assistive technology would be able to move through the site easily. 

In order to become more effective for lead generation, we custom built the new website on Hubspot’s content management framework and integrated it with its marketing and sales hubs. This enables Perusall to manage the content on the website and to feed potential customers to their sales team. As a key goal of the new Director of Marketing it was a necessary component to help them to “grow traffic, convert more visitors, and run complete inbound marketing campaigns.” [hubspot.com]


A modern look and feel for cutting edge educational technology

As a result of Perusall and Honeycomb Collaborative’s efforts, the new marketing site was launched on time and on budget. The website redesign made Perusall’s site its premier marketing tool and now better reflects the needs of its customers.

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